The demands of a growing population and longer life expectancy rates are placing huge pressures on the Healthcare sector.

SMS brings in immense knowledge and experience to a range of healthcare settings. We work with hospitals and clinics to provide the highest quality and well-trained staff to meet each of the clients’ needs and provide them with the best healthcare experience, in the most cost-effective manner.

  • High quality facility management services in the healthcare sector
  • Reviewing energy needs and developing a more efficient energy strategy for the future
  • Providing patient-centric care with special attention to complex care needs
  • Investment in training our workforce

Each commercial building and each customer has specific needs. At SMS, we strive to deliver value by bringing ‘energy to work’ and ‘work to life’. Driving the maximum value from any commercial property requires the developers and occupiers to ensure viability, optimize use of estate and work processes, minimize costs and downtime, reduce energy use and adhere to the highest HSE standards. 

At SMS, we look at each business differently. We understand how commercial buildings are used and experienced – both now and for the future. We understand every aspect of the day-to-day support required for commercial facilities.

We guarantee quality and accountability, helping our customers to avoid the costs and risks of sub-contracting to inexperienced service providers. Our dedicated and precise work ensures that the customers only need to focus on running successful businesses.

Our team of executives operates at a range of locations across India, from mixed-use facilities to dedicated retail centers as well as industrial parks.   We have a team of localized people for building the staff and maintaining our customers’ properties. This is how we understand the impact of development on the community stakeholders. Meanwhile, our local supply chains allow us to support local economies.


The Indian BFSI sector is facing unprecedented challenges. It is a demanding job, and overall demand for services and customer expectations are on the rise in the corporate sector. At the same time, banks and insurance companies are in dire need to improve outcomes by drastically reducing resources at the corporate as well as at the retail level.

SMS is a market leader in the banking sector and fully understands the needs of the client. With our deep experience in supporting the BFSI sector, SMS works closely as a strategic partner with the BFSI ecosystem to tackle problems, transform the retail banking experience and enhance the customer experience at retail banking sites.

We do this by:

  • Understanding the issues that the banks and their customers are facing
  • Creating a tailored facility management solution to meet needs and drive efficiency gains
  • Delivering a complete, multi-discipline solution that makes a real difference to the end users
  • Using the best tools and technology for managing demand for services

Our services to the BFSI sector include:

Cleaning | Building Maintenance | Security | Waste Management | Pest Control | Energy Management | Repairs, Maintenance and Electrical | Business Support Services


SMS provides the perfect combination of manpower and equipment to support India’s industrial sites.

In a globalised business environment, Indian manufacturing companies are increasingly demanding integrated support in a bid to drive down costs and remain competitive. SMS brings in the best of skills, capabilities and expertise to deliver as promised, along with a range of services.

We also provide repair and maintenance services to help protect crucial industrial assets. Our customers benefit from a single point of contact and thereby avoid the complications and costs of third party contractors. 

Our Industrial services include:

  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Services
  • Energy Management
  • Pipework Fabrication
  • Management of Overhead Lines and Underground Cables
  • Insulation & Cladding
  • Painting
  • Drain Cleaning
  • Asset Maintenance
  • Catering
  • Waste Management
  • Security
  • Specialist Industrial Cleaning
  • Safety & Environmental Services

Safety in the industrial sector is not simply about working environments and PPE. The quality of materials, people and products throughout every process must be of the highest standard, every day - because the quality of work done today will affect the safety of others tomorrow.

SMS operates a fully accredited Quality, Safety, Health and Environmental (QSHE) policy which implements systems for working that ensure the safety of our clients and our people. Our unrivalled safety record is complemented by our accident-free culture which integrates with clients’ existing systems to create an environment with minimal risk of injury.


Equipping people with meaningful skills and qualifications empowers them and motivates them to give their best. This calls for high-quality environments that support learning and generate maximum value. 

SMS works to improve educational outcomes for students, staff and communities across India by partnering with leading educational institutes.

With an impressive track record of delivering, operating and maintaining effective learning environments, SMS is second to none in providing facility management services in the education sector.

We understand that a well-maintained facility can be a catalyst for innovation and collaborative teaching. It can help students reach their full potential. Our innovative, sustainable and cost-efficient facility management solutions address educational challenges, help increase teaching capacity and enhance learning environments. 

SMS partners with India’s leading schools, colleges and universities to provide the best-in-class facility management and support services; and thereby helping pave the way for a better tomorrow.


The demands of a growing population and longer life expectancy rates are placing huge pressures on the Healthcare sector. We bring the knowledge and experience to a range of healthcare settings. We work with hospitals and clinics to provide quality staff who meet their needs, and provide you with the most cost effective healthcare solution.

  • We provide high quality facilities management services to the healthcare sector
  • We review energy needs and develop a more efficient energy strategy for the future
  • We provide patient centred care to patients with complex care needs
  • We invest in training our workforce
Life Science Pharmacy

SMS provides an expert and comprehensive integrated facility support to pharmaceutical and life science companies across India. With a range of single services, integrated services and total facility management solutions, SMS supports a number of warehouses, distribution centers and manufacturing plants through to head offices and corporate estates.

Our services include:

  • Cleaning
  • Building Maintenance
  • Catering
  • Security
  • Waste management
  • Pest Control
  • Clinical Cleaning including Sterile & Clean rooms
  • Energy Management
  • Maintenance and Electrical
  • Textile Services

As a trusted partner to many businesses within the pharmaceutical and life sciences industry, we understand the importance of maintaining a facility which needs a clean & sterile production environment. Complying with all regulations, we deliver our services without disrupting the production schedules, while offering our clients peace of mind.

Hospitality & Guest House

In an industry where rapid yet flawless delivery is imperative and delays and defects are not an option, supply chain at SMS is highly responsive. They meet the highest specifications, mobilize specialist skills and work under tight time pressures, to deliver the best possible result, every time.

From guest houses of large multinational corporations to clubs and sports facilities, our integrated approach integrates a broad range of premium in-house services, enabling us to support our clients’ objectives.

Our services include:

  • Refurbishment and Fit-out
  • Facility Management Services
  • Cleaning
  • Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing
  • Security
  • Mechanical and Engineering Services
  • Overall Property Management

Through our commitment to CSR, we look to generate opportunities for local people as well as businesses.

We understand the daily needs of guest houses and hospitality. Our facility teams deliver cleaning regimes tailored to the clients' needs along with full facility management and maintenance.


Business continuity is imperative in India’s Information Technology sector where any failure can cause catastrophic impact on a client’s business. Facility service providers must be not only highly responsive but also possess specialist skill sets in niche areas; able to work under demanding schedules and delivering a flawless service at all times.

SMS supports some of India’s large IT companies and back-office establishments. Our focused approach and unique skill-set ensure that we are able to support our clients' business objectives at all times.

Services include:

  • IT Hygiene
  • Energy Management
  • Cooling Towers and Chillers
  • UPS / Generators
  • Maintenance, Electrical and Plumbing
  • Lighting
  • Safety & Sustainability
  • Catering
  • Cleaning
  • Security
  • Pest Control
  • Waste management

After successfully delivering in some of the most critical IT infrastructure environments, SMS has built an enviable reputation over the years.

Our facility service teams deliver cleaning regimes tailored to the clients' needs, enhanced security, manpower and full facility management and maintenance.