Using the best people, the best technology and intelligent platforms, helps us reduce cleaning costs for our customers.

This intelligent platform proves useful in analyzing data on occupancy levels, opening times, peak periods and historical factors. This in turn helps to ensure that our clients receive an optimal cleaning service, every single time. By mapping out all of these factors, we understand and pave the way in order to increase productivity and reduce cleaning costs. We then combine these insights with years of cleaning excellence to create the most efficient solution for our customers.

Our cleaning solutions are the best because of our superior cleaning equipment and eco-friendly cleaning material that add a significant value to our final product and improve sustainability while saving money for our clients. Our employees are thoroughly trained to consistently deliver superior standards of cleanliness, hygiene, safety and customer service. Cleanliness is often the face of our customers’ brand. Which is why, our dedicated team enhances the experience of our customers, improves business performance along with brand perception and reputation.

We work across diverse sectors, including large commercial and government establishments, education institutes, BFSIs, pharmaceutical and industrial premises, Information Technology companies, warehouses, hospitals and guesthouse. Our highly flexible, strategic partnership approach ensures customers get much more than a functional cleaning service.

Cleaning services include:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Daily, Periodic and Deep Cleaning
  • Dining and Catering Area Cleaning and Deep Cleaning
  • External Façade and Window Cleaning
  • Floor Care
  • Healthcare, Sterile and Clean rooms
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • IT Cleaning and Hygiene
  • Janitorial and Housekeeping
  • Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance
  • Retail Cleaning
  • Train and Station Cleaning
  • Washroom Services
Repair And Maintainance

We help our clients extract the maximum value out of their assets. We always have the necessary resources ready to react quickly to any of our clients’ specific needs.

To maintain this peak efficiency for any facility, a high quality and on-going repair and maintenance program is vital. Each facility is different; designed for different uses and managed in different ways. It is therefore essential to have a service provider who can focus on these repair and maintenance activities to help your business run smoothly and seamlessly.

Our highly-trained repair and maintenance teams offer the perfect solutions to minimize downtime. The team takes control of all vital elements of your business by providing 24x7 care through planned and unplanned maintenance works.

From commercial premises to property estates to industrial plants; whether it is heating, air conditioning, lifts, process equipment, internal or external decoration, building hygiene, fire systems, floors, grounds or lighting, SMS can perform regular and planned preventive maintenance through its reactive services, to increase your facility’s efficiency.

  • Service delivery on single sites as well as multiple site locations
  • Highly skilled, competent and dedicated teams for service delivery, covering a variety of trades including engineers, maintenance technicians, painters and decorators, electricians, plumbers, hardware specialists and carpenters.
Engineering Solutions

The engineering services team at SMS has an impressive track record of working closely to meet the needs of a variety of clients.

Our engineering expertise encompasses mechanical, electrical, data, instrumentation and building services, with related engineering and specialist manufacturing disciplines.

With a diagnostic development model, we understand the needs of our customers and deliver the best value by providing on-time and on-budget delivery of projects using our robust and accredited procedures. Our priority is always our customers’ satisfaction. Which is why, we make sure we provide innovative and value-engineered solutions following exceptional levels of safety, productivity, quality and cost control.

Our services include:

  • Condition Assessment Surveys
  • Broad Brush Surveys
  • Maintenance Management Surveys
  • Specialist Surveys
  • Technical Operations Audit
  • Asset Life Cycle Audit
  • Risk Audit
  • Thermography
  • Power Quality Surveys
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Acoustic Testing
  • Harmonics Tests
  • Leak Detection Tests
  • Indoor Air Quality
  • Water Sampling & Testing
  • Illumination Level Monitoring
  • Online Earth Testing
  • Air Flow Test
  • CFM Level Measuring
  • Duct Cleaning Solutions
  • Battery Discharge Test
Business Support

The most powerful resource in energy management is Data. Our expert team interprets and manages this data, which in turn helps us in making smart energy decisions anywhere energy is used, like HVAC, Ventilation, Water, Power and Light.

Our approach to Energy Conservation & Management Services is fuelled by our insight of “power of real efficiency should be in customers’ hands’. This approach helps us gain confidence of our customers and help clients take the right approach to energy management. With the help of regular Condition Surveys, we review and plan an organization’s energy strategy attaining optimum efficiency and razor-sharp accuracy. With thorough planning and execution, we incorporate energy conservation programs which we utilize properly to help clients take the green and sustainable way towards success.

  • Energy assessments
  • Energy conservation through operational efficiencies and data management
  • Energy conservation through ‘Spend to Save' retrofit projects including Solar
  • Dynamic Continuous Condition Monitoring
Business Support

Our business support services consist of the following:

  • Pantry Services – We provide well-trained pantry stewards to manage dry pantry & café at our clients’ offices. Our well-groomed staff maintains high standards of quality in terms of personal and environmental hygiene.
  • Office Assistants & Reprographics – Our office assistants are specialized in taking care of all sundry office work such as reprographics, photocopying, scanning etc., so that the client remains focused on their core business. This helps improve both time and work efficiency for the client.
  • Front Office Management - We support clients in designing and delivering optimum Reception Management solutions including Meeting Room bookings and taking day to day calls professionally. We do our best in providing the best and the most optimum end-user experiences.
  • Help Desk Management – One of the most important aspects of a business is its customer care or the help desk. Our process-driven, tech-savvy personnel help troubleshoot problems, address all FM related complaints, ensure closure of complaints and generate MIS.
  • Mailroom Management – We provide well-trained dispatch staff to handle incoming & outgoing mails, manage courier dispatches and handle post office work. Our personnel are trustworthy and proactive, and ensure the safe delivery of confidential documents as well as day-to-day mail.
Sefety & Sustainibility

In keeping with their core value around safety, health and environment SMS works with leading organizations to offer solutions around

  • Safety Management.
  • Deployment of skilled safety resources on large sites.
  • Safety skills training.
  • Sustainable growth.

Our sustainability expertise encompasses waste management, energy efficiency & optimization and a sustainable facilities environment. We also help our clients with  onsite renewable energy generation.

Managed Services

We work hard to ensure that the time spent on non-core activities is reduced. With the help of properly outsourced, managed and executed services, we meet the client’s expectations every single time. SMS has extensive experience of working with clients of all kinds, on projects, of all sizes. Our customized services and talented team make us the most sought-after outsourcing partner in India.

Our range of outsourced services includes:

  • Landscaping
  • Pest Control
  • Security
  • Cafeteria and Food Services
  • Waste Management
Facilities Management

SMS serves as a reliable facilities management partner. We have the expertise to enhance our clients’ business performance and we focus on service, cost and efficiency.

We provide services to various sectors ranging from Commercial Real Estate to large industrial No matter how complex the requirement, we are experts in delivering resilient and compliant facilities management.

Our total facilities management services include the entire range of services from, cleaning, support services, engineering solutions and maintenance to industrial cleaning, mechanical and electrical maintenance and project services. We also offer integrated service packages with a solid management approach. We focus on compliance and local regulations.

Workplace Management

We understand that the effective use of space throughout the workplace is very important for the occupiers. Understanding an occupier’s needs and leveraging the space effectively can increase collaboration and productivity, while decreasing operating costs.

SMS ensures that the workplace effectiveness is maximized and customers get projects delivered in the most cost-effective way.

We have continued to build partnerships with a panel of experts including technology companies, architects and interior designers, furniture manufacturers and fit-out specialist. These partnerships have helped us develop unique solutions for effective workplace management as well as solutions for meeting room management.

As workplace changes are implemented, our team liaises with customers and their employees to offer full support during any transitional periods and ensure business continuity.

IT Equipment Hygiene

Our IT cleaning expertise spans to a variety of industries and computer equipment, including major data centres and hosting companies.

Each and every one of our technicians are directly employed and trained to the highest industry standards. Their work is monitored regularly to ensure that the quality of delivered service is excellent, every single time.

Safety is of paramount importance. Our technicians who are posted to service sensitive environments such as data centres and computer rooms undergo rigorous technical training at our in-house training academy and fully understand the need for extreme care and precision.

Training & Action Learning

Using our expertise and the knowledge we have gained over decades working in live environments, we help our clients with our “facilities services provider” expertise  and offer training on best practices in facilities services.